Our cork fabrics will amaze you. Immerse yourself in a world of possibilities.

ArticorK Products is a company specialized in the manufacture of products derived from cork. Our main objective is to create unique fabrics using cork with a resistant textile base. This innovative technique allows us to produce a high-quality fabric that is comfortable to the touch and can be sewn.

Our cork fabrics are renowned for their versatility and functionality. These materials are ideal for a wide range of products, including bags, footwear, upholstery and interior decoration. They can even be used to make umbrellas and fans, adding a touch of elegance and distinction.

Our products are suitable for vegans and we offer a wide variety of cork colours and compositions, providing our customers with endless creative possibilities.

From Articork, we present a line of textile products that have different thicknesses, from 0.5mm to 1mm. This allows you to adapt to the specific needs of each project and guarantee exceptional results in terms of quality and aesthetics.

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As a manufacturer, we have the ability to produce countless colours.

These are the amazing standard colours available for the BARCELONA cork! If you’re looking for a colour that’s not listed, don’t worry! Just contact us and we’ll work with our R&D department to provide the exact colour you need!


We have cork fabrics based on 100% cotton, 100% polyester, Non Woven and polyester + cotton fabrics.

Depending on the product you are going to manufacture, you can choose the best backing for it!


  • Backing frabric Polyester + cotton : approximate thickness of 0.85mm and width 140 ±2cm
    This fabric is made from polyester, cotton and PU and is used in footwear, leather goods and upholstery. It is also often used for interior decoration, patchwork, arts and crafts.
  • Backing : 100% cotton: Backing composed 100% cotton with available thickness of 0.5mm and width 150 ±2 cm. Its most common application is in leather goods and clothing.
  • Backing 100% polyester: Composed of 100% polyester, approximate thickness of 0.3mm, width 75cm±2cm. Waterproof fabric, mainly used for the manufacture of umbrellas and fans
  • Backing lining: Composed of polyester, cotton and Pu. Backing commonly used for the manufacture of insoles (footwear), heel linings and small leather goods. Available thickness 0.85mm and width 140 ±2cm.
  • Backing non Woven: polyester, viscose and PU microfiber support. Non woven Mostly used for lining insoles, making purses and small-sized bags. Available thicknesses 0.7mm and 0.85mm, width 140 ±2cm.