Cork Paper and cork self-adhesive paper


Our cork paper, self-adhesive cork paper or cardboard, are not only perfect for labels, cards, postcards, graphic arts, bookbinding and interior decoration, but also to give free  to your craft and artistic activities.

The surface is made of natural cork and the backing can be made of paper, self-adhesive or cardboard.


Are you looking for labels for your wine bottles? Our self-adhesive paper is perfect for this!


The texture and visual appeal of our corks will  make you fall in love  and turn your designs into exclusive products. They are the perfect choice to add elegance and distinction to your projects.

Discover the charm and versatility of Articork cork paper.

 Remember that we are the manufacturers!


Commitment and constant innovation is what characterizes us, that is why we are constantly developing new designs as well as personalized products that adapt to your needs. We have the possibility of producing colors with some models of cork paper that will allow you to give a touch of distinction and exclusivity to your project.

We have countless types of cork, linear, abstract, granular, combined structures, if you don’t find what you are looking for, please contact us!



We manufacture cork with different backings:

  • Paper:  –Polyamide and polyester fibers with special impregnation method

    Thickness 0.22mm / weight: 145 gr/m2
    Applications: Walls, labels, bookbinding, graphic arts and crafts.

  • Self-adhesive paper: -Weight: 210gr/m2 / thickness: 0.25mm
    Applications: Adhesive labels and crafts.
  • White cardboard:  – Weight: 300gr/m2 – thickness: 0.4mm peso:300gr/m2- grosor:0’4mm