Manufacture of products derived from cork

We are manufacturers

Countless textures and colors available

Manufacturers of cork products

Articork is a synonym for quality, innovation and commitment to our customers.

We are manufacturers, that is why at Articork we offer a wide range of products derived from cork: self-adhesive paper, decorative paper and various types of cork textiles.

We can develop new designs, countless colors and even personalized products.

Our products have infinite applications in sectors as diverse as: footwear, leather goods, interior decoration, bookbinding, labeling, upholstery, graphic arts, crafts, lighting and crafts.

We offer you quality fabrics with good performance.






Our fabrics are made by applying cork to a textile base. The result is a durable cork fabric that is pleasant to the touch and can be sewn

We have the possibility of manufacturing colors and different compositions of corks.

Our fabrics are used to make bags, footwear, upholstery, interior decoration, even for the manufacture of umbrellas and fans.



We manufacture different types of cork paper: self-adhesive paper, fiber paper and cardboard.

Our cork papers are used for labeling, cards, postcards, bookbinding, interior decoration, crafts, graphic arts, crafts, etc.


We have been dedicated to the production of products derived from cork since 1986.

The technology that Articork applies is unique, which allows us to provide innovative and differential solutions in a sector where fashion and good taste demand constant evolution in designs, colors and new materials.

At Articor we can make your dreams come true.

From cork oak to cork fabric…..