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Articor is a company with twenty five years of experience, dedicated to the manufacture of cork-related products.

Articor cork productsArticor has a broad range of cork fabrics covering different sectors such as: footwear, leather goods, upholstery, wall coverings, lampshades, bookbinding, labels and so on. The technology applied by Articor is unique, (spatial and very particular), creating innovative and different solutions, in a sector in which fashion and good taste require constant evolution, designs and new materials. Thus obtaining products that, as well as being of high quality, have completely innovative designs.

Articor, S.L. was founded in 1986, following the long manufacturing history of Inside Cork Decoration products by Armstrong Cork Industries, from whom the machinery and the business/manufacturing know-how were acquired. Since then, Articor has been manufacturing and developing new products for the decoration sector while also opening up production in other markets.
The articles and modelling produced by Articor are varied and extensive and, in many cases, personalized, as required by clients involved in fashion or innovation. The quality and development of new items is a priority at Articor. With large lines of articles and constant innovations, we pride ourselves on client satisfaction. For this reason, as well as the quality of our products, the main fashion houses are confident about using our innovations and designs in their new collections.

Take a closer look at Articor. We can make your dreams reality. Tell us what you would like and our R&D team will develop the project to meet your, or your client’s, requirements. Discover the alternatives of such an attractive, natural and ecological product and immerse yourself in new possibilities with CORK, which has been providing solutions for more than 4.500 years.

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